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    CC International Transport
    | Leading the way in the Virtual World of Transport

    Since October 2017, CC International Transport has delivered a mindblowing 585 Jobs valued at over €10m, while traveling nearly 1 Million Kilometres across Europe alone. Us at CC International want to increase these numbers massively with our goal of having a 24hr operating Virtual Transport Company. This month we have taken the time to completely reform our website giving it a different look, We included an application form that takes less than one minute to complete with a response rate within 24hrs.

    <Custom Skins>
    Professionally Edited Skins made for base models and mod models so we can own and operate a single player/base game company, with a custom garage sign, abnormal haulage skins (CCI Skin for the ingame escort vans Included)

    <International Community>
    We accept members from all time zones and countries, we want to create a fun and realistic environment for all players in the Virtual World. We work alongside other groups to keep our company a toxic free zone for all to enjoy

    <Realistic Operations>
    With Manual Logging, You can fill out paperwork like a real lorry driver, with an upcoming dispatch service it will be as realistic as a virtual company can be


    D: Discord Link is given once Application is accepted

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