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    In the frenzy of releases at the end of last year, we have not managed to sync the codebases of American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 to the same revision. With multiple builds of games and DLC to pass through QA, we did not have enough testing capacity to dedicate to this update. The 1.29 revision was solid and working, and we didn't want to risk releasing a new build just a day or two before starting our whole-company vacation, only to find out that a hotfix is needed immediately. It was deemed safer to live with known little glitches for a few weeks rather than to risk introducing an unknown game-breaking bug.

    This maintenance release mostly brings some bug fixes and safety measures for mods.

    Your game on Steam should update automatically, unless you have opted out from auto updates, or unless you prefer to stay with a particular branch to preserve older mod compatibility.



    • Code support for multi-torque engines
    • Fixed generation of terrain when it is connected to terrain in unloaded sector
    • AI will not use blinkers when canceling a lane change while it is in progress
    • Fixed sleeping area triggers not being visible in UI map after initial game load
    • Improved calculation of trailer weight distribution when lifting trailer axles
    • Various editor fixes and improvements (stamps in content browser, support hiding of instanced geometry, collections, item performance info, searching, traffic tool)
    • Cleanup of OpenGL support
    • Fixed light sources in multi-time HQ screenshots
    • Prevented crash if road is using a stamp whose material is missing
    • Prevented crash when creating new board template in mod
    • Updated localization

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