SCS Blog: New Mexico DLC arrives alongside American Trucing Simulator update 1.29!

Discussion in 'American Truck Simulator' started by scanialoverr, Nov 9, 2017.

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    We are proud to announce that the New Mexico map expansion for American Truck Simulator has just been released!

    New Mexico's nickname is the “Land of Enchantment.” A lot of unique natural scenery will accompany the players during all hauls. The state has a lot to offer in terms of landscape variety: Rio Grande, Carson National Forest, Baylor Peak, Pyramid Rock and other recognizable landmarks.

    Thousands of miles of roads lead through urbanized areas like Albuquerque, sparsely populated trading posts, lush forests, mountain ranges and rest stops in the middle of the desert. There are many unique functional truck stops around New Mexico's highways to spend the night, rest, refuel or repair a damaged truck.


    Main features

    • Over 4,000 miles of new in-game roads
    • 14 major cities, including Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Roswell
    • 11 custom rest/truck stops for parking and refueling
    • More than 600 completely new 3D assets
    • Complex and realistic custom-built junctions and Interstate interchanges
    • 8 new company docks and industries
    • Unique landmarks both natural and man-made
    • New Mexico achievements to unlock

    Useful links

    We hope that all virtual truckers will have a lot of fun in the latest map extension of American Truck Simulator!

    American Truck Simulator official Update 1.29 is out

    We want to thank everyone who participated in the open beta. The final version of the update is now ready and the game should update automatically on Steam, unless you have automatic updates disabled. We're very grateful for your help!

    You can find the whole list of major changes and fixes in Update 1.29 outlined in our previous post here.


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    yay and the price is umm fine. But I wait till next week

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