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    SpeedyTrucking INC is looking for drivers. We hire immediately

    Looking to join a new a fresh VTC. Well here is your opportunity to kick start your VTC career off with Speedy Trucking. Join us today on a part time or full time position as a driver.Speedy trucking is now hiring. Here at Speedy Trucking we try to give are drivers the best time and we are good with communicating with are employees and if there is any problems they are having we always try are best to fix it.


    -Be able to speak clear english

    -Be able to attend company convoys

    -Be able to do the minimum load count for your position

    -You must be 13+

    -be able to download VTM or VTLog to log your loads

    -If you need any help or our looking for partners then PM me and we can go over the details

    -we will help you get everything set up

    -this is our discord link if you are interested

    Visit us on our website and you can also apply on are website at:

    Visit our steam group

    You can also get in contact with us by emailing us at

    heres are VTM link

    Heres are VTLog link
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