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Discussion in 'ETS2 VTC's' started by Bamz85, Apr 30, 2018.

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    G'day there!

    Welcome to Tiger Logistics.

    Think you have what it takes to be a Tiger Logistics Driver??? then feel free to visit our website We are always looking for like minded people to expand our Truckin' Family. Step in and become part of our close knit group of misfits, mishaps and all round top guys and Gals.

    Just look for the TL logistics Logo


    We currently operate in ETS2 and ATS.

    Like every Company we too have rules and regulations which we stick to. a few are listed below;

    1. Respect fellow drivers and other drivers.
    2. Reckless Driving is not tolerated and will resolve in an instant dismissal.
    3. There is no minimum job limit, you get on when you can and help out.
    4. Joking around is great but be mindful of other players.
    6. Have fun!
    7. Must have Trucksbook as we use this to log our jobs.
    8. Must speak English
    9. 18+ age limit

    We always drive with respect and responsibility of not only other Team Members but other drivers in MP and we expect the same in return.

    Feel free to say g'day to us if you pass us on the road we will always answer back, just look for the Tiger Logistics name.

    join us on discord and say G'day!

    Keep it Rubber side down and shiny side up!
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